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In the meantime we will be connecting with you through the following channels Follow us at to keep up to date on online events. We are hosting a Minecraft Server for both Ignite and Youth group as an avenue to connect and we are hoping to also run some online games through this server for more information and instructions on how to join click here. For more information about our Youth Ministries, please contact Pastor Graham:. Uniquely designed for children newborn-6th grade where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way allowing children to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Because you weren’t meant to do life alone, our Adult Ministries are designed to empower adults to experience connection and foster spiritual growth. Engage in meaningful relationships by doing life together.

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Courtship and dating are some of the least discussed topics in the church. Yet dating has caused the most havoc, destroyed countless lives, resulted in unwanted pregnancies and abortions, and even split churches apart. This has led many church youth groups to become havens for dating and premarital sex. The following are guidelines that best fit young people but many of the principles still apply to older and more mature single adults looking for a mate. I have taught each of my five children the difference between dating and courtship.

Dating is an unbiblical method crafted by the world with no boundaries or ethics with the following assumed rules and values:.

Youth Ministry at Bethany Green Lake Summer Middle School Group on Sunday evenings from pm, and Summer High Monthly: Next date TBD.

Around the beginning of February, youth pastors are scrambling and asking each other, “What should I put in my sex and relationships talk? What should I cover? A lot of material focuses on playing it safe and goes way too shallow. Most often while doing their homework. Not only have they heard about everything you’re afraid to say God loves them because God is love.

That never changes. No matter what we do or who we are – God’s love isn’t based on what we do or who we are. It’s based on who He is and what His Son has done. You’re gonna talk about a lot of stuff that provides Satan with an opportunity to accuse. You want to lay this on thick and protect them from feeling condemnation.

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MAIN POINT: Remembering the names of people in your of MAIN POINT: This is a great game to precede a talk on dating or a quick​.

Next Live Stream: 9 am Service — please wait. Watch Now: 9 am Service. What if my girlfriend or boyfriend sleeps on a separate bed when they sleep over? Is that okay? So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart. This is really dangerous territory for a lot of reasons. Rather than putting ourselves in a tempting position, Scripture tells us to flee temptations, not put ourselves in the path of them and then will ourselves not to succumb.

And even if nothing physical happens, the struggle with lust will most likely be there. This is definitely not fleeing from sexual immorality or youthful passions, or pursuing righteousness from a pure heart. There is a lot of intimacy and closeness that comes with being vulnerable enough to actually sleep with someone. ALL the privileges of marriage come after the wedding.

Finally, you have your witness to non-believers to consider. They most likely assume that something physical did happen. Any of these people may know that either of you call yourself believers.

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Okay, maybe not. Last February I decided to try a series or book. So I downloaded the Kindle version and quickly read it. After seeing how incredibly practical the book is, I wanted to get it into the hands of every teenager in our ministry. I appreciate the solid content, and so did our small groups as they watched intently and leaned in to listen. We purchased the four-week small-group DVD set and gave each leader a copy of the book a month in advance. In the back of the book is a small-group video discussion guide.

Four Mistakes Made When Teaching About Sex-Chad Higgins

YEG Youth is a group of young students between the grades They are a group of people who love digging into the Word and learning the truth about who God is. They are a group of people who love to have a good time together encountering Jesus or doing day to day life together. YEG Youth long to see their schools, friends and this generation transformed by the love of God.

We value authenticity, community and most of all the encountering the Father. We believe everyone has a seat at the table.

The apostles, who were the church’s first pastors, summarized their ministry as one of prayer and preaching the Word (Acts , 4). Teaching the.

At Redeemer we want to know Christ in all His fullness and we yearn for more people to come to know His life transforming power in their own lives. The youth ministry at Redeemer aims to reflect this vision distinctively with the th graders in our church and community. We desire to cultivate a community among youth that enables them to strengthen and encourage each other in Christian maturity. Below you will find various activities related to our youth ministries at Redeemer. Please contact Brad or Sean if you have any questions.

We begin large group each Sunday night at pm. We will generally have a game, or icebreaker. Following that, we will move into our time of study. Each week, we are finished by This semester, on the 4th Sunday of the month we will begin large group at and will serve dinner.

Lesson 7: Dating—the Benefits and Dangers

I write this in the context of having been a pastor for more then three decades as well as ministering in hundreds of local congregations. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly regarding youth groups. I learned a long time ago that just because your local church has a youth group, it is not always in the best interest of parents to encourage their children to attend it.

Also, in the case of functional Christian families, the parents have the primary responsibility of training their children—not the church youth group.

We meet from every Sunday, with time for Middle School and High School youth to meet separately. Youth Group meetings include dinner on the first.

But it was always hardest when a student asked. At the time, I pushed the discomfort away when students inquired, telling myself that I was uncomfortable because they were trying to cross inappropriate boundaries, or that it was inappropriate for me to engage in conversations about dating with them. They were in high school, and I was an adult. My dating life, or lack thereof, was personal. But, looking back, I see none of my excuses for keeping this part of my life private were true.

Yes, there are always topics you draw boundaries on when talking with anyone—not just students. I can honestly say that whether or not I am dating someone is not one of those topics. And I know this because if I had been dating someone, I would not have been afraid to tell my students. I myself was afraid to honestly look at the story God was weaving for my life, and I most certainly did not want my students to look at it.

If they did, they might see my insecurity, brokenness, and pain.

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